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Our Story

Voyager is an industry leader in providing aerial inspection and engineering services to many industries. We provide innovative inspection, monitoring, and asset management solutions to energy, infrastructure, and agriculture companies. With our extensive network of trained experts, we have been delivering impeccable services to help companies proactively locate faults, manage their utility assets, and expedite their modernization programs.
With our ability to innovate and use modern-day technology such as Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and many other technologies, we deliver great insights.
We are dedicated to serving both small-scale and large enterprise sectors in a way that our services fit into their budget effortlessly. It makes Voyager one of the best drone services provider and custom UAV  in this space.


  • Construction Engineering
  • Facade Inspection
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Solar Pv Inspection
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Transportation & Railroad
  • Roof Inspection
  • Precision Agriculture

Our Clients, Our Asset

Being a consumer-focused organization, Voyager believes that we are nothing without our clients. In every aspect, consumers are at the forefront of your services. Clients are the biggest assets, and their unique needs drive us to deliver our best.

By following our unique philosophy, we can go above and beyond our clients’ expectations and deliver them more than they expected. When you work with us, we deliver 100% satisfaction because we collect accurate data faster and efficiently, process and analyze it comprehensively, and deliver greater insights into your assets. With our client-focused approach, we have always rescued businesses dealing with problems.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Voyager’s mission and vision are built around its core values. These values are the foundation of Voyager that allows for long-term cooperation, development, and daily operations.


Voyager’s mission is to create solutions that protect our planet and serve our communities.

We are here to deliver peace of mind to energy, agriculture, and infrastructure companies through our services. We have been able to deliver our promise through:

Improving inspection safety

Traditional utility inspections involve a high risk of mishaps because of the way inspections are conducted. We help companies keep inspectors away from harm’s way by providing safer inspections through aerial inspections.

Prediction of risks

Predicting risks involved in your utilities, assets, and structures is a key mission for us. By collecting data from hard-to-access infrastructure areas, we help you locate potential problems before they turn into big issues.

Cost reduction

Helping you reduce several costs is one of our key missions. By preventing major problems, avoiding manual patrols, saving time, and making critical decisions faster, you can bring a significant reduction in your costs.

Advanced technological solutions

We believe in making improvements, innovation, and delivering advanced assets data. This is why a part of our mission statement is to deliver advanced technological solutions.


Voyager’s vision is to transform business operations and become a preferred partner of the industries we are serving. We aim to become the best in the business by using highly specialized technical knowledge in our solutions.


We have a strong set of core values that are part of our culture. We believe that these values help us stay consistent in our quality standards.

Safety first

We ensure that our services are delivered safely without causing any harm to your utilities and assets.

Mutual respect

We have a strong culture of mutual respect where everyone in our organization is respected regardless of his/her ethnicity, cultural background, nationality, race, language, and so on. We build relationships of mutual respect with our clients as well.


We innovate every aspect of our services, and it’s a major reason behind our success.

Peace of Mind and Value Creation

Through different aspects of our services, we provide peace of mind:

 ● Data acquisition

We deliver peace of mind through on-site inspection and data collection of substations, transmission lines, crop fields, bridges, buildings, and so on. Clients choose us for our unique combination of aerial inspection and AI software analysis. We provide quick, efficient, and nearly flawless data acquisition, which helps you fix and prevent issues, reduce risks, and ensure consumer protection.

Advanced technology

Using advanced technology such as drones, AI, LiDAR, GIS, thermal sensors, and so on, we collect and process data for greater insights. Using these insights, your engineers and decision-makers

make informed decisions, issue work orders, and prioritize repair & renovation work accordingly. It helps them give an extended lifetime to structures.

Consultation and knowledge

We meet our clients in all areas with our deep knowledge and expertise. It provides you value by combining multidisciplinary skills and knowledge and using it to your benefit. Voyager gives you peace of mind through its consultation on how to best use the insights.


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