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Voyager’s Ag. solutions helps agriculture companies to monitor crops, control irrigation, assist with precision agriculture, and much more. 

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Drone services that support precision agriculture

Growers in agriculture must cut costs while increasing the economic production of the land. Working around elements such as weather patterns and land movement can be difficult, especially when working across hundreds or thousands of acres of land with varying ecologies, assets, and environmental obstacles.

Agriculture drone services assist farmers in implementing Precision Agriculture techniques for improved crop and livestock management. Drones provide farming photography and video data by quickly covering large land areas and pinpointing where actions are required. Drones provide real-time feedback on soil, plant, moisture, and topography to help maximize yield, avoid waste, and increase profits.

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Voyager's Precision Agriculture Solutions

Farmers benefit from Voyager’s Ag solutions to help them stay agile in their land management responsibilities. 

Voyager’s solutions is extremely useful for quickly scouting land and crop features, resulting in smarter resource decisions that reduce costs and increase production.

The Future of Precision AG Technology is Here and Offering a Wealth of AG Data.

There is no doubt that the future of agriculture lies in the technology created to support it, as the industry continues to adapt and evolve. Agriculture technology not only makes farming and ranching easier, but it also makes them more efficient. Precision agriculture and other high-tech farming equipment have nearly limitless applications. They provide a wide range of data that can help farmers increase productivity and profitability while also supporting environmental stewardship efforts.

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Livestock Management

Producers, ranchers, and cattle herders often use aerial photography drone services to execute Precision Ranching strategies. The data captured by aerial footage helps maximize the land’s resources and the producer’s efficiency, ensuring a more robust herd, new cost-savings, and smarter business decisions based on reliable data.

With Voyager’s solutions, producers can:

  • Take a comprehensive inventory of resources, locating the best areas for drinking water and creating a superior grazing management plan.
  • Monitor fencing and pen conditions, saving time and the fuel required to monitor by ATV or automobile.
  • Check for damage after severe weather, saving time and protecting ranch hands from precarious situations.
  • Perform periodic inspections for counting or locating missing livestock and related tasks. Use infrared imaging day or night to quickly locate animals.

How growers can benefit from Voyager's agriculture services

  1. Increase crop yields by keeping an eye on a variety of issues affecting plant health and growth.
  2. Find and address crop disease, infestation, or poor irrigation that was not detected during ground-level checks. 
  3. Normalized differential vegetation indexing (NDVI) analysis tools can help you zero in on, compare, and adjust conditions to maximize yield.
  4. Use topographical, thermal, and spectral mapping to monitor and assess crop health over large land areas more quickly and precisely.
  5. Conduct soil and field analysis to determine moisture and fertility levels, as well as irrigation and nitrogen management actions required to reduce waste.
  6. Plant more efficiently by collecting visual data that maps the terrain and collects topography and soil information.
  7. Manage irrigation with a detailed and accurate map of the property. Drones with thermal cameras can detect dry and wet ground, allowing you to adjust irrigation as needed. Aerial photography makes it easier to identify slopes and drainage, and drones with thermal cameras can detect dry and wet ground, allowing you to adjust irrigation as needed.

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