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We provide CVI, LiDAR, Thermal hot spot detection, and a suite of additional services utilizing drone solutions and LiDAR technology to streamline 3D mapping, inspection, and field validation services.

Meeting the Electric Utility Industry's Needs

Through innovative products and services, Voyager has consistently led the way in modern advances in geospatial data mapping. Voyager has years of industry experience and the technology to provide 3D mapping, inspections, and field audits. We believe in utilizing the proper tool for the job. Our product portfolio includes terrestrial, mobile, and UAV-based LiDAR, as well as high-resolution RGB visual and IR/thermal sensors. This technology suite ensures that we can provide our customers across the industry with the tools and data they require to operate safely and efficiently.

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Voyager's Utility Asset Management System

Visual Examination in Depth

High-resolution cameras mounted on UAVs can be used to capture still photos, thermal imagery, and videos to detect defects, anomalies, and changes in structures, electrical components, and conductors. Examples of use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Annual upkeep and inventory verification
  • Verification of new construction and installation
  • Evaluating storm damage, confirming line up/down status, and documenting remediation efforts
  • The pole situation (pole rot, crossbeam integrity, moss, birds nests, corrosion)
  • Failures and flaws in components (missing grounding, flash overs, cracking, discoloration, attach-point wear & tear)
  • Documentation to support annual budget reporting and risk mitigation

T&D Infrastructure Classification

3D point clouds are captured using mobile and UAV-based LiDAR to assess infrastructure for transmission, distribution, and joint pole use applications. All T&D assets, as well as surrounding features, are identified with great detail and geospatial accuracy. True colorization improves the 3D visualization of the entire T&D model.

  • Extensive feature code classification of T&D assets
  • ROW & surrounding vegetation encroachment classification
  • Powerline catenary sag analysis
  • Pole loading analysis

Pole Audits

Voyager can offer the data you need to ensure regulatory compliance, confirm and maintain correct records, and plan pole capacity for future fiber optic cable installations through pole audits and maintenance inspections.

  • Field validation
  • Attach points & service provider documentation
  • Height & distance measurements 

Accuracy Matters

60% more data than traditional methods
AI + Team of Engineers = Insane Accuracy

Saving Time

Faster access to real-time analytics thanks to more efficient data collection, automated processing, and expert data analysis.

Operational Effectiveness

Flyovers on a regular basis for pole structure investigation, component failures and faults, asset localization, and ROW monitoring.

Verification of the Installation

Voyager can map, monitor, and analyze your electrical infrastructure quickly and precisely during and after installation.

Audits That are More Efficient

Ensure regulatory compliance, verify and maintain accurate records, plan pole capacity for future fiber optic cable deployments, and hold telecom companies accountable.

We transform your site’s data into actionable information.

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