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We use Intelligent data collected with UAVs (Drones) & Satellites, analyzed by Artificial Intelligence & Engineers to give you extraordinary visibility into your assets.

We Help You Manage Your Projects From Bid to Build

We help construction companies with site selection, surveying, and real-time inspection, among other things. Voyager’s solutions helps with everything from monitoring development to preparing investor reports to tracking progress.

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Be More Efficient With Voyager's Solutions

Our drone services are powered by artificial intelligence, which helps construction sites increase production and efficiency.
Construction companies can use Voyager’s drone technology and AI software to acquire rapid and precise imagery of the job site. Our drones collect data from all sides, assisting in land surveys and allowing clients to improve site safety, make improvements, and increase efficiency.

Progress Monitoring

Our drones acquire visual data to let project managers and engineering services on the ground monitor everything in real time. Traditional building inspections are incapable of detecting minor irregularities and potential flaws. Our drone inspections collect detailed, comprehensive data, which our AI program analyzes and accurately detects damage.
We enable our clients to visualize their data by converting it into 2D and 3D models.

Benefits of Drone Construction Progress Monitoring

  • Improve Stakeholder Communication – Aerial photography provides investors with a comprehensive view of the job site, from planning to completion.
  • Save Time – Our drone teams can scan up to 700 acres in a single day, providing teams with accurate information in a short timeframe.
  • Improve Safety – In addition to being a safer method of recording data, drone construction inspections promote safety on the job site by identifying critical safety issues and preventing job site injuries.
  • Regular Information and Data – Regular and frequent progress scans allow project managers to more accurately determine and update timelines as well as find areas of the project that are behind schedule. Project leaders will also have more opportunities to share up-to-date details with investors and developers, keeping them well-informed and confident in the project.
  • Reduce Cost – Drones can be launched at a fraction of the cost of using a helicopter or other aerial methods, keeping construction projects within budget and on-time.

Use of Voyager’s Drone Solutions for Construction Industry

  • Monitoring – Construction site and progress monitoring is a crucial job for contractors that are performed by high-resolution drones. With weekly and monthly site visits, excellent quality photography and videography can be produced on-site at flexible times. Contractors and construction firms can monitor their subcontractors, materials, equipment, and stockpile volumes as well.
  • Surveying – GIS is evolving adjacent to drone technology. Obtaining drone data quickly is now an achievable task and can be performed in almost moments when compared to traditional techniques. The skilled pilots arrive on-site to collect all aerial data required for photogrammetry, without hindering any on-going constructions or activities
  • Progress Reporting – Staying informed with all stakeholders involved in the construction process is vital. Progress reports are a great way to keep track of activities, keeping investors involved, saving costs through staying on track always. Drones capture accurate and timely information that can be transformed into reports for future use as well. The data can be represented as 3D models of the site, orthomosaic maps, and other photogrammetry data to check site progress.
  • Inventory Management – Keeping track of all the material, equipment, and inventory on-site is a challenging task. Using photogrammetry, captured drone data can help you keep an eye on the assets at your convenience instead of exhausting hours operating at the construction site.
  • Volumetric Estimation – Through specific volumetric measurements, the construction firms can keep an eye on the size of the material entering and leaving the site. Stockpile measurement results in preserved time and funds for the users.
  • Structural Integrity Maintenance – Regular quality checks of the site; its elevation is a practice that should be carried out without a doubt. Identifying and inspecting any structure vulnerability aids eliminate possible future problems regarding safety and save high costs in the event of any lawsuit.

Industry-standard Deliverables

With our drone inspections, we deliver but are not limited to the following: 

  • 2D & 3D mapping
  • Progress Updates 
  • Site Video
  • Site Monitoring
  • Inspections
  • LiDAR Mapping
  • Topography

How Voyager’s Drone Services Work

  • Job-site Documentation – The Construction industry is a booming industry for the utilization of Drones. However, it takes skill and experience to be able to carry out the tasks of procuring necessary detailed information via this technology regularly. With Progress Photos, you can automate visible construction site documentation during the growth of the project! Through phones, laptops, or tablets, you can schedule automated drone pictures and also produce acknowledged progress reports for clients and stakeholders in just moments.
  • Consistent Progress Reporting – Consistency in construction monitoring plays a vital role to ensure quality and productivity. Regular monitoring, say weekly, however, is a challenging task. There are several questions asked. Are these Aerial photographs taken from the same location as the earlier survey? Is it taken from the same altitude and angle? To make things easier, with the assistance of photo missions, it is now possible to duplicate drone flights every week for retained consistency. Once you have established an original flight plan, every other week, the same procedure is duplicated to collect data.
  • Share the data acquired – The next step is to immediately produce progress reports that are to be shared with necessary clients and stakeholders backing the project. Once the progress monitoring information is captured, the process to yield a progress report takes minutes to process. The information may be represented as 3D models, Orthomosaic maps, and other Topographical outputs for a clear understanding. Communication and transparency are both gravely established through this process.
  • Store all Drone data in one place – It is essential that after obtaining crucial job-site data, authority and responsibility for its safety is also established. It is suitable to store all data such as Aerial images, maps, 3D models, etc. in a single place that is available anywhere and supported by several devices. This process initiates effective team collaboration and organization.

We transform your site’s data into actionable information

Make construction projects safer, easier, and quicker with our drone inspections powered by Voyager’s AI technology.

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Saving Time

Faster access to real-time analytics thanks to more efficient data collection, automated processing, and expert data analysis.

Operational Effectiveness

Flyovers on a regular basis for pole structure investigation, component failures and faults, asset localization, and ROW monitoring.

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