Bringing the Digital Revolution in the Infrastructure Industry With Smart Data

We use Intelligent data collected with UAVs (Drones) & Satellites, analyzed by Artificial Intelligence & Engineers to give you extraordinary visibility into your assets.

Manage your projects from bid to build

We deliver aerial construction site inspections using drones. We help construction companies with site selection, surveying, and real-time inspection, among other things. Voyager can help with everything from monitoring development to preparing investor reports to tracking progress.

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Be more efficient with Voyager's asset inspections

Our drone services are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which helps construction sites increase production and efficiency.
Construction companies can use Voyager’s drone technology and AI software to acquire rapid and precise imagery of the job site. Our drones collect data from all sides, assisting in land surveys and allowing clients to improve site safety, make improvements, and increase efficiency.

Visual Examination in Depth

Our drones acquire visual data to let project managers and engineering services on the ground monitor everything in real time. Traditional building inspections are incapable of detecting minor irregularities and potential flaws. Our drone inspections collect detailed, comprehensive data, which our AI program analyzes and accurately detects damage.
We enable our clients to visualize their data by converting it into 2D and 3D models.

Industry-standard Deliverables

With our drone inspections, we deliver but are not limited to the following: 

  • 2D & 3D mapping
  • Progress Updates 
  • Site Video
  • Site Monitoring
  • Inspections
  • LiDAR Mapping
  • Topography
  • Monitoring of project progress
    We produce maps using visual images. Managers use these maps to monitor and plan on a regular basis, which helps them minimize delays and unnecessary costs. Our clients may steer the project according to the plan while avoiding any deviations by using project progress tracking.
  • Volumetric Measurement
    Our services also assist project managers in keeping track of all on-site building materials.
    It assists them in increasing productivity and reducing waste. Volumetric measuring is precise, quick, and inexpensive when using Voyager.
  • Site Surveillance
    Manual inspections are risky and even hazardous. Construction inspections are made safer and more effective with the use of drone services. Its main advantage is that it reduces the danger factor while still keeping individuals safe.

Saving Time

Faster access to real-time analytics thanks to more efficient data collection, automated processing, and expert data analysis.

Operational Effectiveness

Flyovers on a regular basis for pole structure investigation, component failures and faults, asset localization, and ROW monitoring.

We transform your site’s data into actionable information.

Make construction projects safer, easier, and quicker with our drone inspections powered by Voyager’s AI technology.

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Verification of the Installation

Voyager can map, monitor, and analyze your infrastructure quickly and precisely during and after installation.

Audits that are more efficient

Ensure regulatory compliance, verify and maintain accurate records, plan pole capacity for future fiber optic cable deployments, and hold companies accountable.

Softer integration

Driving technology with full integration with current industry software systems our clients

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