Improving Mining Efficiency With Smart Data

We Build Digital Twin of Your Mine so You Can Make Better and Faster Decisions and Manage Mining Operations From a Safe Distance

Drone LiDAR and Drone Photogrammetry Data Collection for Mining Applications

With laser scan level accuracy, the top mining companies in the world choose Voyager to reimagine the process of inventory management, tracking and inspecting complex and hazardous mining sites

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We Increase Efficiency and Accuracy of Mining Operations, Stockpile Management, Inspections, and Excavation While Keeping Your Team Safe and Compliant With Our fast, safe, and accurate mining solutions

Benefits of Voyager's Mining Solutions:

Reduce Operational Risk

Forecast hazards such as rockbursts, water inflows and slope stability.

Supply Chain Management

Smooth the supply chain with accurate and stockpile volume calculation.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Get a drone’s-eye view of all your assets at every stage of their lifecycle.

Highly accurate measurements: By providing thousands of data points for one stockpile, drone surveys are far more accurate than surveying with total stations. All surface unevenness and undulation is identified. The surveys make it possible to reduce the deviation in stockpile volume calculations, to generate improved base files for stockpiling, and to produce more accurate financial statements and regulatory checks.

Faster and easily-repeatable mining surveys at low cost: Capturing data with a drone is up to 30 times faster than with traditional land-based methods and does not require the presence of a surveyor on site. You can easily collect the data yourself and at a frequency best suited to your site for rapid data turn-around. Changes between two surveys can be tracked and highlighted automatically. Over the long term, the costs of surveying and monitoring are substantially reduced.

Improving worker and site-safety management: Drones allow you to survey parts of the mine or quarry that are normally difficult to access with traditional surveying equipment. This eliminates the hazards employees typically face while walking through dangerous zones, navigating active sites or climbing onto stockpiles. All this without disrupting the flow of operations and movement of machinery.


Optimize Mine Site Development

Optimize the layout of the mine facilities and infrastructure using regularly updated basemaps. ​Make decisions and ensure development is completed as anticipated. Identify and mitigate issues as they emerge.

Make More Informed Decisions

​Understand complex situations faster with rapid data collection and 3D mapping. We leverages computer vision, image-analysis and machine learning to create repeatable results ready for analysis and decision-making.

Asset Lifecycle

  • Base mapping for site designing
  • Site surveys during construction
  • As built versus as designed comparison

Operational Risk and Compliance Management

  • Aerial surveying & 3D mapping
  • Drill & blast planning & topography engineering
  • Asset & infrastructure inspections
  • Geotechnical inspection & structure characterization

Supply Chain

  • Stockpile management
  • ​Production inventory
  • Delivery forec​asting

Voyager's Dragline Inspection Services

Artificial intelligence-powered inspections prevent downtime, produce significant savings

Voyager is now offering a new inspection service for draglines. For the mining industry and those that rely on draglines every day, having the machines out of service for repair and maintenance is costly. Through a combination of drone photography, AI technologies and machine learning, Voyager’s team inspects the condition of the dragline and its parts over a period of time, spotting potential mechanical issues and breakdowns before they occur. 

Voyager's Mining Applications:

  • Better inventory and financial data
  • Mine or quarry monitoring and operation planning
  • Water and sediment flow
  • Assessment before and after drilling or blasting
  • Hazard identification and mitigation
  • Tailings Dams
  • Mining exploration 

What kinds of maps can you expect from Voyager?

Drone-generated data is a series of overlapping images containing geospatial information, which are stitched together through a process called photogrammetry. Each pixel of each image contains its own georeferenced location in space.

Orthomosaic Map

3D Point Cloud

Digital Terrain Model

3D Textured Mesh

Accuracy matters

60% more data than traditional methods
AI + Team of Engineers = Insane Accuracy

World’s leading companies turn to us for FastSafe and Accurate inspection and data analytics services.

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