Smart City Traffic Solutions

The fastest and smartest way to get the traffic knowledge for all smart city tasks

Utilizing Drones, AI, & our team of highly-trained engineers, Voyager delivers better, more detailed information compared to traditional methods of traffic data collection and analysis.

We make the traffic flow move smoothly

We help you monitor the current level of service and detect any potential obstructions or congestions. Voyager helps local government optimize their traffic management processes to enhance the driving experience, increase the safety, and reduce the overall pollution in the city.

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Accurate Data Collection Is Crucial When It Comes To Finding New Traffic Solutions.

Accuracy Matters

60% more data than traditional methods
AI + Team of Engineers = Insane Accuracy

  • Traffic Surveying
  • Movement patterns
  • Vehicles Category (numbers of cars, heavy vehicles, buses, motorcycle, etc. )
  • Turning movements
  • Speed
  • Accelerations
  • Travel Time
  • Headways between two vehicles following each other
  • Queue Lengths
Traffic understanding in milliseconds for real time-driven applications such as adaptive control of traffic lights or surveys. Truly open platform for integration with ultimate responsiveness and extreme accuracy.

Our proprietary AI is able to extract microscopic details from the video footage even under harsh conditions

Is it raining, foggy or middle of the night? Don’t worry, we won’t let you down. 

Ready to make the traffic flow move smoothly?

Software integrations

Driving technology with full integration with current industry software systems our clients

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